Oven Baked ParmCrisps – Zero Carb Keto Snack

Convenience foods. So easy to eat, no clean up. It’s what got a lot of us into the bad eating habits we are breaking. That said, especially as a mom of two, I need keto-friendly convenience foods to help me get thru the day sometimes.

I was so pleasantly surprised to find ParmCrisps on sale at Publix today for $2.50 each. This was my first time encountering this product.


They are labeled as 7g Protein and 0 Carbs and contain 6 grams of fat for 3 Crisps. They are delightfully cheesy and salty and would make a really nice, crunchy chip for guacamole. It’s definitely worth a try!

If you aren’t located near a Publix or your store doesn’t carry them, check out Sam’s Club, for the large bag pictured below. ParmCrisps are also available online!


What are your favorite convenience keto-friendly foods? Leave me a message!



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