Keto Food Spotlight – Radishes


A cheap, keto superfood, radishes add fiber, vitamin C and texture to your diet while coming in at just 0.1 net carb per radish, or 10 whole radishes for 1 carb!

Sliced radishes are a simple, crunchy addition to salads, or with a bit more work, dehydrated and used as a chip.

My favorite dish however is slicing radishes, frying in a bit of ghee butter, and seasoning with pepper and Lawry’s Seasoned Salt. They make for a beautiful “potato dollar” substitute with your morning bacon and eggs, or as a stand-alone dish to a main course.



Slice 10 red, round radishes (typical American variety). Fry in skillet with ghee butter until soft. Season with salt, pepper (or Lawry’s Seasoned Salt) to taste. Optional, top with shredded cheese for a hashbrown casserole-type dish. Bon Appétit!


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