Sam’s Club | Low Carb & Keto Shopping


I recently purchased a Sam’s Club membership for 50% off. Let me tell you why I took the plunge and for a yearly membership: Eggs and Dairy. Yep, the main reason I purchased a Sam’s Club membership was for our Keto baking obsession (check out our recipe for the Low Carb Key Lime Cheesecake). I’m glad I did because I found a lot more products that I’m looking forward to using soon!

Eggs & Dairy:

Sam’s sells eggs in 2×18 containers (36 Eggs total) for $3.18. With my local Walmart selling a dozen eggs for $1.79, this saves me almost double on the cost of eggs (.15 per egg vs .8 cents per egg at Sam’s).

Heavy Cream is also cheaper by $1 a quart ($4.28 at Sam’s) and Philadelphia Cream Cheese, almost always $2 at Publix or Walmart and rarely on sale. I found it for slightly less at $1.83 each (and when making frequent cheesecakes or our Cream Cheese Waffles, that savings adds up.)

My favorite find today was Kerrygold Butter, a staple in our house. It is made with natural, grass-fed, hormone-free cows’ milk in Ireland. It’s worth the extra money vs store brands on taste and texture. Sam’s Club helps us get it a bit cheaper. Our local Walmart sells 8oz of Kerrygold Butter for $4.99 (62 cents per ounce) but Sam’s offers a whopping 17.6 oz for $6.78, or only 38 cents per ounce.

Almond Flour:

Another AHHH-Mazing deal was Almond Flour. Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour is typically $10.99 a pound at my local Target. It’s much cheaper at Sam’s Club, $12.98 for a 3 lb bag, or $4.32 a pound. Check out my post on Where to Buy Almond Flour if you don’t have access to a Sam’s Club, to find the best deal per pound.


Pasta Sauce:

I found some other really exciting products that I want to fit into our weekly meal plan to try. The first was the lowest carb-per-serving pasta sauce that I have seen on the market.


I typically end up making my own marinara or pizza sauce, but it so nice to have a ready made option when you’ve had a busy day and two kids wanting dinner NOW. Enter Rao’s Homemade Pasta Sauce: the winner of Serious Eats taste test of Marinara sauces. It is made from Italian tomatoes, olive oil, sweet onions, fresh basil, fresh garlic, crushed black pepper, salt and fresh oregano. That’s it. Most other red sauces clock in at 7-12+ Total Carbohydrates so I was thrilled to see this 3g option. I’m going to use it for our next Spaghetti Squash pasta night.


Next I found the ParmCrisps that I love so much (and had previously only been able to find on clearance or online). These come out to about $1 per ounce at Sam’s. I love having an easy, crunchy, ready to-go snack I can bring in the car. It helps that they are zero carb. I typically will dip them in guacamole or even ground beef queso (cheese on cheese!) at home.

Lastly, cheese and party platters. There is nothing like a party to feel tempted to go off your low carb lifestyle, when everyone is sitting around eating a buffet of carbohydrates. Sam’s has an amazing selection of prosciutto and cheeses, olives and more in party size to bring to your company cupcake bash or Superbowl Party. Or keep in the fridge just for you to snack on 😀

We personally love to buy the Euro Cheese platter and microwave sliced pepperoni on top of a cheese slice on parchment paper for a fat-snack. What are your favorite products at Sam’s Club? Leave me a comment with your best finds and how you cook with them.


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