Valentine’s Day: 5 Low Carb gifts

It’s that time of year where you are inundated with chocolate hearts, pink and red foiled candies, chocolate covered everything. We’ve got you covered with our Low Carb list for Valentine hits!

#1. The Beef Jerky Bouquet


Blogger Pretty for Pennies has outlined easy Beef Jerky Bouquet instructions for you. Your extra long beef jerky (like Slim Jim’s) will act as flower stems. You’ll fold flower heads from tissue paper or attach your own pre-made faux-flowers with a little tape or super glue.

#2. Bacon Roses

I love this idea, it is Valentine’s done right: Bacon. Posted here on Instructables, you can find step-by-step directions for making your own zero-carb Bacon Bouquet for any special occasion (pin this for your anniversary!)


#3. Cheese Hearts


Aldi is selling a variety of seasonal, packaged cheeses this time of year and the wrapped heart shaped English Cheese is a perfect addition. Who wouldn’t love heart-shaped cheese?

#4. Flowers

Yeah, they are predictable. But they are also calorie free. Hand carved, wooden roses are still available for delivery by Valentine’s (with Amazon Prime.)


#5. Chocolates


We’ve made some darn good Keto chocolates (Video Step-by-Step HERE). This is so easy to make and a fun Valentine’s activity with your significant other or the kids. Pick up some candy molds at your local craft store and unsweetened Baker’s Chocolate at your grocer. If you have a hard time finding the Cacao Butter in store, try Amazon! They are so easy to make you’ll want to save this for the next candy-centered holiday (Easter anyone?).


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