How to stay on the Ketogenic Diet at Disney World: Magic Kingdom

Updated March 2017

Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way, Dole Whip will not be on this list. Cue the wailing and gnashing of teeth of all hardcore Disnerds. Now, whether you are local to Disney World like The Keto Cooks, or are planning a vacation to our beautiful state, you’ll want to read this guide on how to navigate a Disney World dining plan or sit-down restaurants on a ketogenic diet.

Dining at Epcot on the Ketogenic Diet






Also, remember to check out my Guide to Eating at Epcot if you will be visiting more than one park during your trip!

The Chefs of Disney are truly accommodating to any way of eating you require. Just let your wait staff know your nutritional requirements. Almost any starchy dish side can be substituted with seasonal vegetables. Because staying on a ketogenic diet has SO many health benefits and since we are annual pass-holders local to Orlando, we thought we would give you some REAL options for eating Keto at Disney from our own dining experience. This list will include all currently open sit-down dining options at Magic Kingdom. A post on Quick-Service dining is coming soon!

Be Our Guest

Keto Rating: C+


An absolutely beautiful environment of the dance hall from Beauty and the Beast, with glittering chandeliers, red rose shaped dinner napkins and a painted ceiling mural. Located in Fantasyland, Be Our Guest is a French inspired restaurant open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. While the atmosphere is an A+, the food is heavily French-inspired, including breads and pastries. There are a few decent options if you want to dine here.

Breakfast: Each meal comes with bread/pastries, ask to sub for eggs

  • Assorted Cured Meats and Cheese tray
  • Scrambled Egg Whites with Chicken Sausage


  • Tuna Niçoise Salad, without the Fingerling Potatoes
  • Braised Pork (Coq Au Vin Style) – ask to sub potatoes for seasonal vegetables

Child Plate:

  • Grilled Shrimp with Broccoli, without the applesauce

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Keto Rating: A+

Located INSIDE Cinderella’s iconic Magic Kingdom Castle, The Royal table is a character dining option with a surprising selection of Keto-friendly foods! You’ll not only meet Cinderella but her friendly princess groupies, who will visit your table for a meet and greet. This is a must for the whole family for lunch or dinner. Dinner is a truly magical time to go, you can see fireworks from the castle windows. Highly recommend making reservations up to 6 months in advance. Note this dining option is prepay only.



  • Traditional Breakfast comes with Scrambled Eggs, Sausage & Bacon – skip potatoes
  • The Healthy Choice salad minus the Quinoa is a light, breakfast choice that includes egg, arugula, avocado and vegetables in a lemon-vinegar dressing.


Note: the menu seems to change quite often. In the past they have offered a Filet Mignon on a bed of spinach and Braised Short Ribs. While these are not on the latest menu, keep an eye out for them!

  • Chef’s Tasting Plate – varies between assorted cured meats, cheeses, hummus and salad. Make sure to ask what the daily plate is.
  • Beef & Shrimp – sub potatoes for extra seasonal vegetables
  • Pan Seared Chicken with Goat Cheese (DELIGHTFUL!) – Ask to sub carrots for broccoli.
  • Fish of the day (varies) with seasonal vegetables.

The Crystal Palace

Keto Rating: A++ (Best Variety in Magic Kingdom)


Almost any buffet will get an A+ keto rating for the quantity of options. The Crystal Palace is another Character dining option located off Main Street, featuring the cast of Winnie-the-Pooh.

Buffet Breakfast:

  • Fill up for the day on Scrambled Eggs and create-your-own at the Omelette Station. Enjoy plates of meats including ham and breakfast sausages.

Buffet Lunch/Dinner:

  • Shrimp, Fish, Chicken, Carved Beef, vegetables, a salad bar… this is the best Keto spot in Magic Kingdom.

The Diamond Horseshoe

Keto Rating: D


A fairly new Magic Kingdom restaurant, The Diamond Horseshoe is a Cowboy Feast located in Frontierland. It’s kind of like sharing a meal out on the frontier, so there is an assortment of meats, BBQ and of course Corn Bread. It has a set menu and price and therefore does not allow for as many options to customize your meal (it comes with cornbread and a dessert as well.) What you CAN eat is good, but limited in portions and it really isn’t the best bang for your buck.

Lunch/Dinner Set Menu:

  • Frontier Salad comes w/ Greens, Tomatoes, Onion, Roasted Corn, and Cornbread and croutons – basically you could go light on the tomatoes and onions and have a mixed house salad without the corn, bread or croutons.
  • Avoid the BBQ Pork due to sugary sauce.
  • Opt for the Smoked Sausage, Braised Beef or Carved Turkey – each plate comes with a sampler portion of all options, and you can let the wait staff know you are avoiding sugars/carbs to sub the BBQ Pork/Corn/Macaroni for another vegetable or meat.

Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen

– Updated March 15, 2017 – New Menu Items!
Keto Rating: A


It’s the same lovably corny atmosphere as the Jungle Cruise ride, but in restaurant form. We’ve eaten here three times since they opened last year (2016) and I’ve enjoyed every visit! Located in Adventureland across from the Treehouse, it offers a mix of Latin, African, & Asian Cuisine.

Jungle Canteen Low Carb Keto


  • Baladi Egyptian Salad with Vinaigrette, no croutons

Lunch/Dinner Menu:

Low-carb version of the Char Siu Pork – light glaze, sub rice for double broccolini
  • Char Siu Pork – Grilled Pork + double broccolini/no rice – dry (keto friendly if dry, low-carb if you get the pork with the glaze light)
  • Seasonal Fish “Not Piranha,” +  double broccolini and Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Trader Sam’s Head-on Shrimp – spicy, garlic shrimp + broccolini
  • A lot at Steak Salad

Child Plates:

  • Sizzling Savanna Grilled Flank or Grilled Fish served with broccolini

Liberty Tree Tavern

Keto Rating: D+


Styled after an early American Colonial era Inn, Liberty Tree Tavern serves traditional American foods with names like Freedom Pasta and Patriot’s Platter. The main attraction is a shared table dining option, the all you can eat Revolution: Roast Turkey, Prime Rib and Pork, served with herb stuffing, mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. Bread comes for the whole table with a honey infused butter and the salad entree ALSO has a honey vinaigrette dressing, so avoid both. For $35, the family style meal is NOT worth it for a low-carb dieter, as it also comes with a cobbler type ice cream dessert. But for reference, here is the what the meat portion of this option looks like below. This is the only keto-friendly part of the meal (but since it is all you can eat, you could make a meal of just the meat) and it comes with gravy and cranberry sauce on the side.

Liberty Tavern Disney Dining Low Carb

While there aren’t a whole lot of low-carb options here (nothing straight off the menu) you can make it work if you absolutely have to eat here. We ordered a “Bunless” Bacon Cheeseburger (see photo below) from the small à la carte menu and asked to sub the fries for seasonal vegetables (as of March 2017, it’s green beans.)


The Plaza Restaurant

Keto Rating: A

The Plaza serves American food on Main Street U.S.A. with outdoor seating available and a view of Cinderella’s castle. It has many more options than the above Liberty Tree Tavern’s American menu. They have SO many delicious sandwich options you can order on a lettuce wrap or bunless (the Club is my favorite!) The Kid’s Keto option is grilled chicken (and to be honest it’s a bit dry), so order them a bunless sandwich with vegetables instead!


  • A Half Wedge Salad: topped with gorgonzola cheese, light on the Ranch Dressing.


  • “Bunless” Cheese Steak Sandwich with Seasonal Vegetables
  • “Bunless” Angus Chuck Cheeseburger with Seasonal Vegetables
  • “Bunless” Plaza Club: Smoked Ham, Turkey, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Mayo
  • “Bunless” Grilled Chicken sandwich with Bacon, Cheese and Arugula

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Keto Rating: B+

Also located on Main Street U.S.A., Tony’s is a darling Italian themed restaurant where Lady and the Tramp had their first kiss over pasta and meatballs. Tony’s is the first restaurant right inside the park and it’s easy to get to if you are just park hopping for a bite to eat. Despite being a spaghetti house, Tony’s actually has some great Keto options and is worth a meal!



  • Assorted Italian Meats and Cheese plate, minus the flatbread
  • Caesar or House Salad, no Croutons
  • Italian Cheese Dip, no bread (Eat it with a spoon!)


  • New York Strip Steak with compound butter, sub potatoes for seasonal vegetables
  • Grilled Pork Chop with seasonal vegetables
  • An alternative Low-Carb option: any of the delicious pizzas, eating the toppings with a fork! (Note: not a gluten-free safe option).

This concludes my write-up on Sit-Down Dining options at Magic Kingdom. I hope this has been a useful tool for you. More dining options are currently being reviewed so bookmark our page to check back or follow us for email alerts! If you are visiting and find the menu has changed or you’ve stumbled across some amazing new foods please let us know! We will continue to update this post as we visit and menus are changed.

Bon Appétit! – Laura



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